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Julong Drilling Rig and Pipe Threading Lathe Machine Manufacturer

JULONG Hydraulic Machinery is a Chinese manufacturer of heavy-duty drilling equipment. Our professional drilling rigs can be classified under 3 major categories including the engineering drilling series, the water well series, and the down-the-hole series. Mud pumps and pipe threading lathe machines are also available. As a pioneer in advanced drilling technology, the market performance of our machinery is among the best in the domestic industry. We currently hold  ...

    1. HZ-130Y Water Well Drilling Rig
    2. HZ-130Y Water Well Drilling RigThe winch of the HZ-130Y water well drilling rig is matched with the holder to form the double-sided star wheel supporting structure which can bear strong impact.
      The spindle box achieves location via four groups of bearings to ensure the gyrator of sufficient rigidity to operate in the complex geological conditions with gravel bed, pebble bed, etc
    1. HZ-200 Series Drilling Rig
    2. HZ-200 Series Drilling RigRelated Names Drilling Machinery | Soil Drilling Equipment | Home Well Drilling Equipment
    1. XYX-3 Trailer-Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
    2. XYX-3 Trailer-Mounted Water Well Drilling RigConfigured with the wheel mobile mechanism and hydraulic cylinder prop, the XYX-3 trailer-mounted water well drilling rig can move conveniently, which is also conducive to the horizontal adjustment of the machine.
      The hydraulic feeding system is brought into service for enhancing the drilling efficiency.
    1. XYD-3 Crawler-Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
    2. XYD-3 Crawler-Mounted Water Well Drilling RigThe XYD-3 crawler-mounted water well drilling rig utilizes the oil pressure feeding mechanism. The drilling efficiency can be improved.
      Due to the steel crawler mobile mechanism, the machine can move easily and conveniently. Meanwhile, the steel crawler has very high wear resistance, bringing much convenience for the construction in the urban city.
    1. XY-44A Core Drilling Rig
    2. XY-44A Core Drilling RigThe XY-44A core drilling rig is fabricated with reasonable speed range, 8 speed levels, and large torque at low speed which can be up to 8000N.m. It is not only suitable for alloy and diamond core drilling, but also applied for engineering geological investigation, hydrological well drilling, and the construction of pile foundation engineering.
    1. XY-44B Intelligent Electric-Control Drilling Rig
    2. XY-44B Intelligent Electric-Control Drilling RigThe core technology of the electronic control system of our newly developed XY-44B intelligent electric-control drilling rig is direct torque control (DTC). This technology has been widely used in oil top drive drilling system. Technically, our intelligent electronic control system is the simplified version of the oil top drive drilling system.
    1. XY-8 Core Drilling Rig
    2. XY-8 Core Drilling RigThe XY-8 core drilling rig has large drilling capacity. It is developed by fully considering the needs of the users in geological prospecting field, and assimilating the advantages and characteristics of all kinds of the similar products in domestic and foreign markets
    1. XYC-8B Truck-Mounted Intelligent Electric-Control Core Drilling Rig
    2. XYC-8B Truck-Mounted Intelligent Electric-Control Core Drilling RigThe XYC-8B truck-mounted intelligent electric-control core drilling rig is being developed. Later, we would offer the detailed information about the product.