HZ-200 Series Drilling Rig

    1. HZ-200YY Water Well Drilling RigThe HZ-200YY water well drilling rig utilizes the 53×59 hexagon drive drilling rod featuring strong rigidity and enabling delivering large torque.
      The cone clutch with national technology patent is employed. It can not only deliver large torque but also perform excellently with handy operation and free maintenance ...
    1. XYX-2 Trailer-Mounted Water Well Drilling RigThe XYX-2 trailer-mounted water well drilling rig is fitted with wheel mobile mechanism and hydraulic cylinder prop. Then, it can be moved conveniently, which facilitates the horizontal adjustment of the machine.
      The hydraulic feeding system is available for improving the drilling efficiency.
    1. HZ-200GT Water Well Drilling RigThe HZ-200GT water well drilling rig employs the 53×59 hexagon drive drilling rod which has strong rigidity and can deliver large torque.
      It is the first in the similar type products to use the hydraulic chuck. The machine can enable rechuck without stopping the machine, which is propitious to the enhancement of the drilling efficiency.
    1. XYC-200GT Truck Mounted Drilling RigThe XYC-200GT truck mounted drilling rig is matched with the technologically patented cone clutch which can deliver large torque and has the features of handy operation and free maintenance.
      It utilizes the hydraulic chuck, and can achieve rechuck without the need of stopping the machine. The drilling efficiency can be elevated effectively.

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