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Core Technology
The core technology of the electronic control system of our newly developed XY-44B intelligent electric-control drilling rig is direct torque control (DTC). This technology has been widely used in oil top drive drilling system. Technically, our intelligent electronic control system is the simplified version of the oil top drive drilling system.

Features of Intelligent Electronic Control System
The product is developed on the basis of Eurotherm system with the main control unit being Eurotherm 590 system. The main outstanding characteristics of the electronic control system are displayed as follows.
1. The system achieves the stepless speed changing of the spindle by saving the trouble of mechanical gear shift. The winch is also available with stepless speed changing.
2. The direct torque control enables the intelligent electric-control drilling rig to have different torques under the same speed range.
3. In accordance with the geological conditions and the bearing capacity of the drilling rod, we can make an upper control limit to the torque of the motor. For example, we suppose the maximum torque that the drilling rod can suffer is 1200N.m. Then, we can set the security upper limit of the torque to be 900N.m. When the torque that the drilling rod suffers gets to 800N.m, the system would raise the alarm to remind the operator that there is the abnormal condition in the well. If the resistance in the well increases to the security upper limit of 900N.m in a sudden, the system would make a reaction automatically in the way of that the motor loses the power within 0.1s and won’t exert the load to the drilling rod to avoid the phenomena of broken drilling rod and burnt bit.
The system of the intelligent electric-control drilling rig is very sensitive. During the test process, when we apply the external force suddenly to the system, the motor would shut down automatically. That is very effective to protect the drilling rod and drilling tools.
4. Under the control of the system, the motor realizes soft start. For instance, we set the motor running at the speed of 1000rpm. The motor needs about 6 seconds to get to the set speed. Along with the increase of the drilling depth, the time of the soft start can be prolonged. In contrast with the structure of the ordinary motor or diesel engine adopting clutch, the soft start can mitigate the impact of the power start to the internal structure of the product, and reduce the drilling rod fatigue degree to the utmost extent.
5. During the drilling process, the impact originating from the incomplete stratum would be fed back to the system, and the system controls the motor to make the real-time adjustment to the torque delivered by the drilling rod. The intelligent electric-control drilling rig can carry out the parameter optimization to implement the drilling, having significance for alleviating the drilling rod fatigue and saving the energy.
6. The spindle and winch of the product utilize the remote control, realizing wellhead unmanned operation for normal drilling and pulling out of the drilling tools. The security accident can be avoided effectively.
7. The operation mode of the system falls into the automatic type and manual type. For the general construction, the automatic mode is employed. The computer would run within the range of the safety protection limit parameters. The labor intensity of the workers can be reduced. The manual mode is primarily taken for coping with the complex stratum.

Main Characteristics of the Product
Our intelligent electric-control drilling rig shows the superiority listed as below.
1. Due to the application of the new digital electronic control system and direct torque control, through the control to the DC speed regulating motor, we can actualize the free selection and change of the spindle speed and torque within certain range. This is the core technology of the product. The core technology provides the user with great convenience in the aspect of drilling parameter optimization. It also conforms to the diversified needs of drilling construction technology.
2. During the drilling process, all the drilling parameters, including spindle speed, torque, the pressure of the hydraulic pressure stand, and the mud pump pressure, are displayed on the screen intuitively. The operator can monitor the machine and the drilling status conveniently. On the control console, there is also another screen which can be connected to multiple cameras for additional monitoring such as the parts that the top of the drilling tower is difficult to access, thus monitoring the working status of the entire jobsite in a more comprehensive way.
3. By using the full digital electronic control system, we can set the limit torque value of the drilling rod in line with its torsional strength.
4. The winch of the intelligent electric-control drilling rig is driven by the AC inverter motor. Its control system is separate from the main machine. Owing to the stepless speed changing for the lifting speed, the construction efficiency is raised, and the occurrence of the personal injury accident can be avoided during the process of putting the drilling tool into the well or pulling the drilling tool out of the well.
5. The hydraulic system of the product exploits the hydraulic pressure stand to achieve oil supply. Featuring simple oil pipeline installation, convenient use, and low power consumption, it is guaranteed with low oil temperature and stable working performance.
6. The operational buttons and handles of the machine are concentrated on the control console. During the normal drilling process, the operator can stay far away from the intelligent electric-control drilling rig. Making a comparison with the case of using the traditional drilling machine, the personal safety of the worker can be guaranteed enormously by using our product.
7. Our machine takes usage of modular design. The circuit and hydraulic oil pipeline use the rapid cartridge connection with good dismountability. So, the machine can be moved conveniently, and assembled simply. It can be fast assembled to get into the working status.
8. The spindle of the machine has large bore diameter of 93mm and long stroke of 600mm. Taking usage of double cylinders hydraulic feeding, it has strong technological adaptability, and is especially fit for large diameter drilling rod wireline coring (upper part coring) drilling to enhance the drilling efficiency.
9. The intelligent electric-control drilling rig has large drilling capacity. The rated drilling depth of the 71mm wireline coring drilling rod can get to 1000m.
10. The hydraulic chuck of the product works with belleville spring clamping, hydraulic cylinder loosening, and three-slip automatic centering.
11. With low center of gravity and long backward travel, the product can be fixed firmly and show good high speed drilling stability.

Main Components
The intelligent electric-control drilling rig is composed of major three parts.
A. Mechanical Part of the Main Machine

1. Body Frame of Main Machine
2. Z4-180-21 DC Speed Regulating Motor
3. IFB-50-37-B-B3 AC Inverter Motor
4. YWZ-300/45 Hydraulic Pushrod Brake
5. NGW-62 Planet Gear Speed Reducer
6. Reducer
7. Reel
8. Universal Joint
9. Transfer Case
10. Spindle, Chuck and Gyrator

B. Hydraulic Pressure Stand

The hydraulic pressure stand is composed of hydraulic oil tank, electric motor and electronically controlled hydraulic directional valve. It serves for connecting the drilling rig with the control console. The operator controls the buttons on the control console to control the electronically controlled hydraulic directional valve to actualize controlling the drilling machine.

C. Electric Cabinet and Control Console
The control console is equipped with two display screens. One is for displaying the operating parameters of the machine and adjusting each parameter.
The other one is used as the display device of the monitoring instrument.
Security Monitoring

Main Technical Parameters
A. Drilling Capacity
a. Core Drilling

Type of Drilling Rod Specification of the Drilling Rod (mm) Drilling Depth (m)
Domestic Drilling Rod Inside and Outside Flat
Type Drilling Rod
43×6 1400
54×6 1000
67×6 830
Internally Upset Drilling Rod 50×5.5 1300
60×6 950
Wireline Coring Drilling Rod 55.5×4.75 1400
71×5 1000
89×5 800
DCDMA (Diamond Core Drilling
Manufacturers Association)
Drilling Rod
Internally Upset Drilling Rod BW 1250
NW 1000
HW 660
Wireline Coring Drilling Rod BQ 1400
NQ 1100
HQ 750
b. Hydrological Well Drilling
Specification of the Drilling Rod (mm) Drilling Diameter (mm) Drilling Depth (m)
60 Externally Upset Type 200 800
73 Externally Upset Type 350 500
89 Externally Upset Type 500 300
c. Pile Foundation Drilling
Specification of the Drilling Rod (mm) Drilling Diameter (mm) Drilling Depth (m)
Φ 89 Externally Upset Type 1000 (Unconsolidated Formation) 100
600 (Hard Rock Formation)
B. Gyrator (Gyration Angle: 0° -360°)
a. Type: Double Hydraulic Cylinders Hydraulic Feeding Mechanical Gyration Type
b. Spindle Bore Diameter:93mm
c. Spindle Speed (r/min)
DC Motor Speed 0~1500 r/min Stepless Speed Changing
Spindle Low Speed / Torque 0~190 rpm/2180 N.m 0~320 rpm/1330 N.m
Spindle High Speed / Torque 0~600rpm /710 N.m 0~980rpm /435 N.m

d. Spindle Torque Range: 0-2180N.m
e. Max. Pressure Capacity of Spindle: 90kN
f. Spindle Stroke: 600mm
g. Max. Lifting Capacity of Spindle: 120kN

C. Winch
a. Type: AC Inverter Motor plus Planet Gear Speed Reducer Transmission, Hydraulic Pushrod Brake, Variable-frequency Control
b. Wire Rope Diameter: 18.5mm
c. Max. Single Rope Lifting Capacity: 50kN
d. Wire Rope Lifting Speed: 0-4m/s Stepless Speed Changing

D. Body Frame
Type: Skid Type with Sliding Underframe, Moving forward and backward via Hydraulic Control

E. Oil Pump
a. Type: Hydraulic Pressure Stand
b. Displacement: 32ml
c. Working Pressure: 20MPa
d. Max. Pressure: 30MPa

F. Power

Type Spindle Gyration Motor Winch Gyration Motor
Model Z4-180-21 DC Speed Regulating Motor IFB-50-37-B-B3 AC Inverter Motor
Power 45kW 37 kW
Speed 1500r/min 3000r/min

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