Drilling Rig

    1. HZ-130Y Water Well Drilling RigThe winch of the HZ-130Y water well drilling rig is matched with the holder to form the double-sided star wheel supporting structure which can bear strong impact.
      The spindle box achieves location via four groups of bearings to ensure the gyrator of sufficient rigidity to operate in the complex geological conditions with gravel bed, pebble bed, etc
    1. XY-1 High Speed Core Drilling RigThe XY-1 high speed core drilling rig exploits the 53×59 hexagon drive drilling rod characterized by strong rigidity and large torque delivering capability.
      It has five speed levels with the maximum rotation speed of 1045r/min, enabling high drilling efficiency.
    1. QY-200 Multifunction Water Well Drilling RigThe QY-200 multifunction water well drilling rig is a new type percussion drill machine. It is primarily applied for drilling the water well and agricultural irrigation well. The crawler design allows the machine to work in the mountain area and other areas with bad geological conditions easily. Fabricated with full hydraulic technology ...

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