Mud Pump

    1. BW-160 Mud PumpThe BW-160 mud pump primarily works for supporting the use of water well drilling rig to provide the drilling fluid during the drilling process. Fabricated with small volume and light weight, the machine can serve for a long time. It can be operated easily and moved conveniently.
    1. BW-200 Mud PumpThe BW-200 mud pump is taken for supporting the engineering drilling rig and the geophysical prospecting blast hole drilling rig to provide the drilling fluid. It is fabricated with small volume, light weight and long service lifetime. Meanwhile, the machine can be operated easily and moved conveniently
    1. BW-250 Mud PumpAs the horizontal triplex-cylinder reciprocating single action piston pump, the BW-250 mud pump is designed with the hydraulic cylinders of two different diameters and the speed of four levels. Featuring low energy consumption, it is premium with high durability. The machine can be operated flexibly. Meanwhile, it has good dismountability for facilitating moving.

Related Names
Drilling Rig Pump | Reciprocating Piston Device | Fluid Transfer Pump