Project Example

2008 Ethiopia Construction Site
Our HZ-130YY drilling rig was employed for 100m water well construction.

2008 Japan Chiba Construction Site
Our HZ-200YY drilling rig was introduced for drilling the water well with the depth of 150m.

2009 Liberia Construction Site
The XYX-3 trailer-mounted water well drilling rig was working for the drilling of the 300m water well.

1. Construction on Location

In Nov. 2012, our XY-44B intelligent electric-control drilling rig was taking the drilling test in west site of Zheyao Mountain located in Baiyin City of Qinghai Province. It worked with 71mm domestic wireline coring drilling rod, and made the drilling depth reach 1000m which met the design depth. That marked the success of our new product of intelligent electric-control drilling rig.

2. Drilling Rig
The spindle is powered by the Z4-180-21 DC speed regulating motor. The winch is powered by the IFB-50-37-B-B3 AC inverter motor. The spindle and winch can both implement the stepless speed changing.

3. Hydraulic Pressure Stand
The hydraulic pressure stand is separate from the drilling rig. It is composed of the power system, hydraulic oil tank, and electronically controlled hydraulic directional valve. The hydraulic pressure stand mainly functions for controlling the drilling rig moving forward and backward, the spindle going up and down, as well as the chuck clamping and loosening.

4. Control Console
During the normal drilling process, all the operation can be completed via the control console. Through controlling the electric motor, we can realize the stepless speed changing of the winch, even the stepless speed changing of the spindle and the free control of the torque. Via the hydraulic pressure stand, we control the electronically controlled hydraulic directional valve to control the hydraulic unit of the drilling rig. This system actualizes the mechanic-electronic-hydraulic integration technology and remote control, largely boosting the security and reducing the labor intensity of the workers.

5. Core Drilling
In virtue of the domestic 71mm wireline coring drilling and the drilling depth of 1000m, the XY-44B intelligent electric-control drilling rig was tested for success.

In 2012, our XY-7 drilling rig served in Qinghai Plateau with the altitude of more than 3000m for coal mine exploration with the construction depth of 1200m.

In 2010, our XY-1 high speed core drilling rig was exploited for achieving 170m subsea geological exploration during the subsea tunnel engineering in Xiamen.